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Yangtze gorges dam

 The Yangtze is 6380 km long, It is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world. The river is the longest in the world to flow entirely within one country. The three gorges of the Yangtze river are located in the hinterland of China. It is 193 km long and is made up of Qutang gorge, Wu gorge, Xiling gorge.


Qutang gorge

The first gorge is qutang gorge. Qutang gorge is 8 kilometers long and is the shortest one in the three gorges.It is also a great and steep isthmus. At the end of the entrance, the two sides of the cliff are less than 100 meters, such as the gate of the qutang gorge, and we call it "kui men(夔门)" which is the picture at the back of chinese money 10 yuan notes.


Wu gorge

The second gorge is Wu gorge, and it is the longest one of the three gorges. Wu gorge is the most significant section of the three gorges, like a zigzag gallery, full of poetic sentiment, which can be said to be connected with the scene and the landscape. It will take about 2 hours to go through when you take cruises.

Xiling gorge

The Xiling gorge is located in zigui county, yichang city, hubei province. It is the longest in the three gorges of the Yangtze river and is the most famous gorge in the Yangtze river. 

Yangtse gorges has different and special scenery no matter which season you go to visit. And we recommend you to take cruises to see it which you can have a good view of this place.



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