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Ancient Town Of Lijiang

Old Town of Lijiang is located in the ancient city of lijiang city of yunnan province. It is also known as dayan town, which is located in the middle of lijiang dam. It was built in the early song dynasty and Located in yungui plateau, the area is 7.279 square kilometers. The street in Old Town of Lijiang is built with water and water. It is paved with red breccia. There are four scenic spots, such as sifang street, mu fu and wufenglou. Lijiang is one of the second batch of approved Chinese historical and cultural cities, one of the two ancient cities that have succeeded in the declaration of the world cultural heritage of the whole city.

The Old Town of Lijiang has a variety of ethnic customs and recreational activities, such as naxi, dongba, divination culture, ancient town bar, and naxi torch festival. The Old Town of Lijiang embodies the achievements of urban construction in ancient China, and is one of the distinctive styles and styles of Chinese folk houses.


Main tourist attraction:

Mu's Residence

The Mu's Residence in the ancient city is the government of the tushisho, the old town of lijiang, which is located in the ancient city of lion. The eastern foot, built in the yuan dynasty (1271 ~1368 AD), was rebuilt in 1998 and changed to the ancient city museum. Mu fu covers an area of 46 mu, and there are 162 rooms.



There is a mountain in the southwest corner of the old town of lijiang, which looks like a city guarding the ancient city.





Lijiang dongba cultural museum

Lijiang dongba cultural museum, located at the northern end of heilongjiang province, was founded in July 1984, and was the first county museum in yunnan province. Covering an area of 30 mu, there are over 10,000 pieces of precious cultural relics, including 52 national relics. There are pavilions of wenbo hall, rare food museum and "dongba culture" and ethnic customs photography.



Wufenglou is located in the city of fuguo temple, the five fengfu building was built in 1601, the building is 20 meters high. Because of its architectural shape like five flying colors, the name of the five phoenix floors, the ceiling in the building has a variety of exquisite patterns. The wufenglou combines the architectural styles of han, Tibetan and naxi, which is a treasure and a typical example of ancient Chinese architecture.


Sifang Street

Sifang street is the ancient and the snack street of the city, on both sides of the street there are dozens of small restaurant, every restaurant is yunnan rice noodle, and variety, so the street is also called "lijiang rice noodle street". Sifang street is the center of the old town of lijiang, which is said to be built in the shape of its seal. This is the most important hub station on the ancient tea horse ancient road. Since the Ming and qing dynasties, all parties have gathered together, and the ethnic cultures meet and live here, which is the center of lijiang's economic and cultural exchanges.


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Notice: its free for all the people to entrance the old town of Lijiang. But the maintenance fee is 80 yuan that you need to pay.



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