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Terra Cotta Warriors Museum

The Terra Cotta Warriors Museum (Chinese name: Bingmayong bowuguan, 秦始皇陵兵马俑), built from 246BCE, is located 36km east of Xi’an. It is known as the eighth wonder of the world and listed as a cultural heritage in 1987 by UNESCO. The terracotta warriors were created by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. He conquered and united China from a collection of warring states to a whole country. He built the Great Wall and amassed great works of art. Obsessed with protection for afterlife, 70,000 workers built his tomb and said to be filled with legendary treasures. 

After 2000 years since built, the place was discovered accidentally in 1974 by local farmers when they dug a well at the foot of Mt. Lishan. More than thousands of warriors, over 130 chariots and 150 horses have been discovered here. Each terracotta warrior has completely different facial expression. The Terracotta Warriors are the most significant archeological discovery of the 20th century in China. Now the museum consists of three Pits and one Relics Exhibition Hall. The clay figures represent all levels of an army-officers, armed warriors and ordinary soldiers. They are arrayed in battle formation, looking like imperial guards protecting a subterranean palace. Usually it will take between three hours to half a day in the museum.

Opening time:

Mar. 16th-- Nov. 15th: 8:30 to 18:00, last entry: 17:00

Nov. 16th-- Mar. 15th: 8:30 to 17:30, last entry: 16:30


Entrance ticket:

Mar. 1st-- Nov. 30th: 150 yuan p.p.

Dec. 1st—Feb. 29th: 120yuan p.p.


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