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Wuhou Temple

Wuhou Temple (Chinese name: Wuhouci, 武侯祠)  is one of the most popular attractions in Chengdu. It is built to commemorate Marquis Zhuge Liang, the distinguished statesman and strategist for Emperor Liu Bei during the Three Kingdom Period(220---280), which is the symbol of wisdom in Chinese people's mind. The date of its establishment is unclear, only that it was built next to the temple of Liu Bei, the emperor of Shu. It was combined with the Temple of Liu Bei at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty; consequently, the entrance plaque reads 'Zhaolie Temple of Han Dynasty' (Zhaolie is the posthumous title of Liu Bei). However local people admired and appreciated Zhuge Liang more than Emperor Liu Bei more, they started to call it Wuhou Temple. The present construction dates from the Qing Dynasty in 1672. 

The temple occupies a space of 37,000 square meters, and consists of five main buildings: the Front Gate, the Second Gate, Liu Bei’s Hall, Zhuge Liang’s Hall and Liu Bei’s Tomb. There are 40 tablets, 30 inscribed boards as well as 47 statues of Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, and other officials and military commanders of the Kingdom.The most valuable relic in the temple is the Tang stone tablet, erected between the first and the second gates. It was named Three Success because of the wonderful inscribed article, the excellent inscribed calligraphy skill, and the respected characteristics of Zhuge Liang mentioned in the article.

Opening time: 

May 1st to Oct. 31st: 8:00--20:00, last entry 19:30

Nov. 1st to Apr. 30th: 8:00--18:30. last entry17:30

Entrance ticket: 60yuan p.p.


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