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Leshan Giant Budda(乐山大佛)

Leshan Giant Buddha (Chinese name: Le Shan Da Fo, 乐山大佛) is located about 150km south from Chengdu, about 2.5hrs’ drive on highway. The Giant Buddha is a stone statue of Maitreya (the future/Happy Buddha in Buddhism, symbolizing the good hope and future). In 1996 Leshan Giant Buddha was enlisted in the world natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO

In the year of 713 A.D. in the Tang Dynasty (618--907), the cliff-carving project was led by a monk, named Haitong, at the confluence of three rivers. He hoped that the Buddha would calm the turbulent waters that plagued the shipping vessels traveling down the river. Wish that the stones and rocks from the hill might level up on the river bases and slow down the swift currents. In total, it took 90 years to complete the whole huge project. The hill is the Buddha, the Buddha is the hill. Leshan Giant Buddha is considered as the largest stone-carving Buddha figure in the world. The whole statue is 71-meter high. His head is 14.7-meter long and 10-meter wide, with 7-meter-long ears each of which can hold two persons inside. 

You may wonder how this stone statue can be preserved for more than 1200 years. It is mainly due to the scientific drainage system. It was incorporated into the Leshan Giant Buddha when it was built. And it is still in working order. It includes drainage pipes carved into various places on the body, to carry away the water after the rains so as to reduce weathering. 

Normally it will take 3 hours to visit the Giant Buddha Park and the Lingyun temple inside. However the zig-zagging path down to the foot of Buddha is steep and narrow, please check  if  you are suitable enough to do that. If not, boat trip is highly recommended by which you can easily see the panorama of the Giant Buddha on river. 


Opening time:

Apr. 1st--Oct. 7th: 7:30--18:30

Oct. 8th--Mar. 31st: 8:00--17:30

Entrance ticket: 

90yuan p.p. for the Giant Buddha Park; 70yuan p.p. for boat trip about 30minutes


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