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China is the birthplace of chopsticks, which has a history of 3,000 years and is the first country to use chopsticks. Chopsticks look just very simple two small fine sticks, but it has selection, dialing, pinch, mix, steak and other functions, and easy to use, cheap and fine. Chopsticks are also a unique tableware in the world today. Anyone who has used chopsticks, whether Chinese or foreign, admires the inventor of chopsticks.


Some people say the Chinese choose chopsticks as their tableware rather than a knife and fork since Chinese people, under the cultivation of Confucianism have traditionally considered knives and forks as bearing a type of violence. On the other hand, chopsticks reflect gentleness and benevolence the main moral teachings of Confucianism. Besides Chinese food simply seems to taste better when eaten with chopsticks. Some foreigners may find it an awkward experience using chopsticks to eat a meal. Fortunately, learning to eat with chopsticks is not difficult, and with a little practice, anyone can use chopsticks to enjoy Chinese food.


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